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Standard Series Thermoelectric Module
Technical Data Sheet

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Imax Vmax Qmax DTmax
6.0 Amps 17.5 Volts 57 Watts 71 0C
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Vin vs. I Curve

QC vs. I Curve

Thermoelectric module illustration

This multi-purpose single-stage thermoelectric module is our most popular 40 x 40 mm module intended for use with 12 to 15-volt DC power sources. Although it doesn't have the greatest Qmax of our modules in this configuration it is a solid performer that can be used with a variety of economical extruded heat sinks, without the hot-side temperature becoming unreasonably high.

ST-127-1.4-6.0 may be used for cooling, heating and temperature stabilization and is employed in a wide range of applications including consumer, lab/scientific/biomedical, industrial, telecommunications, military, aerospace and test. Also available with porch, metallized and tinned surfaces and in strings from 2-12 modules long.

  • 100% QC. A certificate of conformance (CofC) will be issued upon request.
  • Maximum operating temperature +150C
    Melting point of internal solder (Pb/Sn): 183C
    Antidiffusion barriers prevent solder migration
  • Height, flatness and parallel variance: 0.02mm (lapping to a close height tolerance 0.01mm available)

Module Characteristics and Value Descriptions:

Imax is the maximum (optimal) input current in amperes

Vmax is the maximum input voltage in volts when the current is optimal (Imax)

Qmax is the maximum amount of heat the module is capable of pumping. This value is achieved when there is no difference in the temperature (DT=0) on the modules two surfaces. If your application requires cooling, the heat pumping capacity will be less.

DTmax or DTmax is the maximum temperature differential between the hot and cold side of the module with no heat load (Q=0)
As the thermal mass of the object to be cooled increases the DT becomes fewer degrees until Qmax is reached and DT=0.

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